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Wildlife Is Under Siege
Its Time for Action

Supporting conservation, anti-poaching efforts, and community outreach in Southern Africa


We provide resources to Anti-poaching units (APU) supporting their efforts protecting endangered species. 


Africa’s ecosystems co-evolve with its people, fostering conservation that brings African cultures, heritage, and aspirations together.

Community Outreach

We back efforts for sustainable community well-being near African wildlife areas, promoting coexistence of the people and ecosystem.

Save a Life, Make a Difference!

Are you ready to be a conservation hero? Your donation can empower our team to continue their vital work in the heart of the Zambezi escarpment, safeguarding iconic species like rhinos and elephants. Your support is the cornerstone of our efforts, and together, we can make a lasting difference for Southern Africa’s wildlife.

Donate now and be a part of something extraordinary.


We form constructive, positive partnerships that bring about lasting change for wildlife conservation.

Our Vision

We envision a world where people, wildlife and habitat survive and prosper without being detrimental to the existence of each other.

We are focused to protect wildlife through science, conservatory actions, education, and inspiring people to value nature and natural life.

Why We Do It

All of our projects are non-profit, and are just for the sake of wildlife conservation without any personal greed.

We rely on the generosity of community-minded individuals for financial support to carry on our efforts for this great cause. Every single penny is consumed only on initiatives that are linked with wildlife protection.

  • Sustainability:

    We exist to effect sustainable change that improves human and animal welfare.

  • Improvement:

    We understand the need to compromise and to give change time to happen, but we are always looking for continuous improvement.