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Akashinga Rangers’ efforts have led to a significant decline in poaching, contributing to the protection of endangered species.

The Southern Africa Field Conservation Project (SAFCP) partners with the Akashinga Rangers. First and foremost, the Akashinga Rangers are an all-female Zimbabwean anti-poaching unit that has made significant strides in wildlife protection. SAFCP recognizes the importance of empowering women in conservation, and the Akashinga Rangers provide a unique and effective approach to this, demonstrating that women can excel in traditionally male-dominated roles.

The Akashinga Rangers have a deep understanding of the local community and their culture, which is crucial for building sustainable relationships between conservation efforts and the people who live in and around these protected areas. Their community-centric approach ensures that conservation benefits not only the wildlife but also the local residents, which is vital for long-term success.

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The Akashinga Rangers’ success in combating poaching aligns with SAFCP’s primary goal of protecting the rich biodiversity of Southern Africa, especially in critical areas like the Zambezi escarpment. By partnering with the Akashinga Rangers, SAFCP gains a strong, committed ally in the battle against poaching and habitat degradation.

Overall, the partnership with the Akashinga Rangers is a testament to SAFCP’s dedication to innovative and inclusive conservation strategies that not only protect wildlife but also support local communities and promote gender equality in the field of wildlife conservation.