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SAFCP Partnerships

Supporting conservation, anti-poaching efforts, and community outreach in Southern Africa

SAFCP’s commitment to conservation in Southern Africa is significantly fortified through strategic partnerships with a range of organizations, each playing a unique role in advancing their mission.

These partnerships reflect SAFCP’s holistic approach to preserving the region’s rich biodiversity while fostering sustainable community development.

Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve

The partnership with the Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve is significant in habitat preservation and research. SAFCP, in conjunction with this private game reserve, focuses on preserving critical ecosystems and habitats. Their joint efforts in habitat restoration and land protection create safe environments for the region’s wildlife to thrive. The partnership also supports scientific research and wildlife monitoring, providing essential data to inform and refine conservation strategies.

More Community Foundation

The More Community Foundation, as a key partner, is deeply involved in community-based conservation. Together with SAFCP, they work to create synergies between conservation efforts and local community well-being. By engaging with the communities around protected areas, they strive to promote economic development, educational opportunities, and sustainable livelihoods. This approach not only reduces the potential conflicts between human and wildlife interests but also ensures that local communities become stakeholders in conservation, recognizing the value of protecting the natural world that surrounds them.

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International Anti-Poaching Foundation

Another noteworthy collaboration is with the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAFP), which brings its expertise in anti-poaching operations to the table. This partnership has been instrumental in countering the illegal wildlife trade and safeguarding Southern Africa’s precious wildlife. Through joint efforts, SAFCP and IAFP implement comprehensive anti-poaching strategies in critical areas such as the Zambezi escarpment, working to curtail poaching activities and protect vulnerable species like rhinos and elephants.