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Our Mission

SAFCP’s mission revolves around safeguarding Southern Africa’s natural beauty and biodiversity for the well-being of all.

Wildlife in Peril: A Critical Wake-Up Call

At SAFCP, our mission is clear and unshakable: to preserve the natural wonders of Southern Africa for current and future generations. We believe in the intrinsic value of every living creature and the vital role they play in maintaining the balance of our planet. Our goal is to ensure the protection and longevity of Southern Africa’s incredible biodiversity.

Our conservation efforts are deeply rooted in our commitment to the Phundundu Wildlife Concession, an anti-poaching operation nestled in the heart of the Zambezi escarpment. This region is not only a hotspot of biodiversity but also faces significant threats from poaching and habitat loss. By partnering with Phundundu and the all-female Zimbabwean poaching unit assigned to patrol the area, we work to combat poaching, protect critical habitats, and promote sustainable practices.

Meet The Team