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A comprehensive approach to promote conservation in Southern Africa.

Our commitment to preserving the region’s natural treasures spans several key strategies. SAFCP actively engages in anti-poaching initiatives, with a strong focus on critical areas like the Zambezi escarpment. Through strategic partnerships with organizations like the all-female Zimbabwean Akashinga Rangers, they are at the forefront of the battle against poaching. This direct action helps curb the illegal wildlife trade and offers essential protection to endangered species.

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There is an essential link between conservation and local communities. By engaging closely with these communities, we work to foster sustainable relationships between people and nature. Supporting local communities is integral to ensuring that conservation efforts benefit both humans and wildlife, creating a mutually beneficial and lasting impact.

SAFCP actively advocates for robust conservation policies and regulations, both locally and internationally, to safeguard the natural treasures of Southern Africa. Our commitment to forming partnerships with various stakeholders further amplifies our impact, creating a united front that advances the common goals of conservation in the region.