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Community Outreach

Supporting efforts beneficial to both animals and the local human communities affected by conflict so that they can coexist.

SAFCP is dedicated to forging meaningful partnerships to support conservation and create a positive impact in Southern Africa. One such notable collaboration is with the Masuwe Primary School, a local educational institution. SAFCP recognizes that the success of conservation efforts is intricately linked with the well-being and education of the communities living in proximity to wildlife-rich regions. The partnership with Masuwe Primary School exemplifies SAFCP’s holistic approach to conservation.

The collaboration with Masuwe Primary School extends beyond the traditional boundaries of conservation efforts. By supporting the school’s fundraising initiatives, SAFCP contributes to enhancing educational opportunities for local children.

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Masuwe Primary School is located in the village of Woodlands situated on the border of Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve within the Hwange district. The school serves approximately 150 children from ages of 5 through 14 years old.

Situated in rural Zimbabwe, the school has no electricity and learners study by candle light in the evenings in order to pass their subjects. With limited infrastructure, the children share their classrooms with the schools livestock and still with all their restrictions the spirit amongst the teachers and children is sensational.